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Counseling Begins with Compassion

At GEC Psychological Consultants, you are more than just a number on a file. Our mental health counselors provide you with the compassion and understanding you deserve. Depend on us to provide weight reduction and post-traumatic counseling that helps you confront the problem and overcome it.


Weight Reduction Counseling

Prepare for weight reduction surgery with professional counseling from our staff. We provide a series of tests that help you understand your weight problems and deal with the impact of your surgery. Our experts also help you explore alternatives to weight loss surgery, including diet and exercise plans.

Post-Traumatic Stress Counseling

In addition to weight reduction counseling, we offer post-traumatic stress counseling to help you process the trauma you've experienced. We help you understand the impact of your trauma and put you in touch with other victims who understand your pain. It is our goal to help you move past the pain and lead a productive life.

Veterans Services

Perhaps you or someone you know is a veteran who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. We serve veterans and their specific mental health needs with PTSD counseling. Depend on us to help you through your difficulties so that you can improve your interpersonal relationships.