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GEC Congratulates Saginaw Chapter Phi Delta Kappa Xinos, MaKayla Sharee Copeland & Extend Our Best Wishes for Continued Success!

Girls ages 8-16 are invited to join the following group:

A Therapeutic Group for Girls Ages 8 - 16 Sponsored by GEC Psychological Consultants

Group members will have fun and engage each other in wholesome conversation. Girls will learn to support each other and also build a sense of sisterhood through girl talk and activities that promote self-esteem and self worth. Girls will learn and develop skills for better problem solving.

Girls will have the opportunity to perform community activities to promote:

• Personal Growth and Development
• Awareness of Self and Others
• Social and Personal Responsibility

We will encourage and nurture creative expression for...

• Poetry    • Music    • Dance    • Art

We will provide the girls with the opportunity to express their feelings on personal issues and current social topics.
Snacks and transportation will be provided.

Call GEC at 989.607.1848 to enroll or for additional information. Please feel free to share this information with others.

Girls Group Enrollment Form

Boys ages 8-16 are invited to join the following group:

Boys Group Enrollment Form